Police Shootings in Chicago


Police Shootings and Citizen Collaboration

w. Luke Condra

Police forces are a core feature of modern states, protecting community members from internal threats and enforcing public and private contracts. To efficiently provide these services, police rely on collaboration from community members to thwart and prosecute criminal acts. Officer use of force, however, can erode public confidence in police and undermine citizen collaboration. Using newly released data on police shootings and precisely geocoded citizen tips about threats to public safety, we examine these dynamics in a large urban center in the United States. We find that citizens are significantly less likely to provide information about crime-related threats to public safety following police shootings. Requests for public services unrelated to crime and police interaction are unaffected, consistent with diminished public trust in the police specifically. Our results are robust to numerous alternative specifications and highlight the importance of community engagement following police shootings.

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Geocoded data on police shootings, vacant homes, abandoned cars, alley blackouts, and pothole repair requests.