Writing your own bibtex style file

I needed a citation solution for submitting a paper to the Administrative Science Quarterly. The citation formatting is rather odd so I wrote my own Bibtex bib style file. If you need one for ASQ, here you go: link

High dimensional time series plots

Here is a new Stata command I wrote: group_lines enables *very* flexible time series plots with many groups.  To the left is an example of the output relevant to covid research. A link to the ado program file and practice code/data to make the plot is here: link.

The program takes several arguments: the outcome you want to plot (y) against a time series var (x); the group variable (id); the line color, pattern, and width you want to use for a given subset of groups; the name you'd like to give the subset (as well as the subset var/val). This enables you to plot a group of control units in one color/pattern/width and treated units in another color/pattern/width. Because all of this piggybacks on the tw command in Stata, you can combine these line plots with a global average, a scatter plot, or the pcarrow command that produces the "Manhattan + arrow" in the figure above. Any advice/troubleshooting you'd like to share would be great.