Published Papers

  1. The Logic of Insurgent Electoral Violence. With Luke Condra, James Long, and Andrew Shaver. American Economic Review, November 2018. [paper]

  2. Border Walls and Smuggling Spillovers. With Anna Getmansky and Guy Grossman. Quarterly Journal of Political Science, July 2019. [paper]

  3. Civilians, Control, and Collaboration during Civil Conflict. With Luke Condra. International Studies Quarterly, August 2019. [paper]

  4. Attacks on Energy Infrastructure Target Democratic Institutions. With Rebecca Lordan-Perret, Peter Burgherr, Matteo Spada and Robert Rosner. Energy Policy, September 2019. [paper]

  5. Places to Hide: Terrain, Ethnicity, and Political Violence. With David B. Carter and Andrew Shaver. Journal of Politics, October 2019. [paper]

  6. Political and Environmental Risks Impact Migration and Human Smuggling across the Mediterranean Sea. With Kara Ross Camarena, Sarah Claudy, and Jijun Wang. [paper] PLOS One, July 2020. [paper]

  7. Insurgent Learning. With Francesco Trebbi, Eric Weese, and Andrew Shaver. Accepted, Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. [paper] [NBER version]

Working Papers

  1. Economic Shocks and Rebel Tactics. [paper]

  2. Rebel Capacity and Combat Tactics. With Konstantin Sonin (and J. Wilson*). [paper] Under Review.

  3. Information Operations Increase Civilian Security Cooperation. With Konstantin Sonin. [paper] [revise & resubmit]

  4. Corruption and Political Mobilization. With Luke Condra. [paper]

  5. Televising Justice during War. With Andres Uribe and Stephen Stapleton. [paper] [revise & resubmit]

  6. Civilian Abuse and Wartime Informing. With Luke Condra, Jacob Shapiro, and Andrew Shaver. [paper]

  7. Political Consequences of Fear during War. With Luke Condra and Stephen Stapleton. [paper]

  8. Internal versus External Social Control: Reporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. With Patrick Bergemann. [paper] Under Review.

  9. Aid Fragmentation, Corruption, and Conflict. With Travers Child and Yun Xiao. [paper]

  10. Security Transitions. With Thiemo Fetzer, Pedro CL Souza, and Oliver Vanden Eynde. [paper] [conditionally accepted]