COVID Research

Research Overview

During the pandemic, we launched a number of projects to better understand how local economic, political, and social dynamics influence compliance with COVID-related social distancing mandates and mask use. Despite a shift away from my traditional research agenda, I leveraged the same rigorous data-driven and micro-founded theoretical models present in my previous work to better understand time-sensitive and important dynamics using the best available data and methodological approaches.

Working Papers

  1. Poverty and Economic Dislocation Reduce Compliance with COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Protocols. With Konstantin Sonin, Jesse Driscoll, Jarnickae Wilson.

  2. Belief in Science influences Physical Distancing in Response to COVID-19 Lockdown Policies. With Adam Brzezinski, Valentin Kecht, David Van Dijcke.

  3. Political Economy of Crisis Response. With Arda Gitmez, Konstantin Sonin.

  4. Using Mobile Device Traces to Improve Near-Real Time Data Collection During the George Floyd Protests. With David Van Dijcke. [Applying data in (1) and (2)]

  5. Unmasking Partisanship: How Polarization Influences Public Responses to Collective Risk. With Maria Milosh, Marcus Painter, David Van Dijcke.

  6. Tracking Mask Mandates during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With Geet Chawla, Luke Chen, Anthony Farmer, IPAL Lab, DPSS Lab.

Data Collection: Tracking Mask Mandates

During summer 2020, I led two research labs that collected a comprehensive, county-specific database of local mask mandates. To advance scientific research on the importance, phased roll out, and downstream consequences of mask mandates, we have made this data publicly available and free to download. We ask anyone using the data to cite our working paper and acknowledge the source of the data.

The latest data can be retrieved at this link: current link (04/05/2021). _edate columns are generated using Stata's date function, which is centered at `01jan1960'. We thank Billy Ferguson for pointing out a quirk in some of the rows. This has been resolved with a new file upload.

To recommend a revision to the database, please navigate to this link: